Grief healing workshops offered

 by Certified Grief & Loss Recovery

Specialists and trained staff

in a loving and safe environment

  Cry For Me,No More  

    Cry For Me, No More

offers an experiential program to

 honor and support bereaved families

 on their grief journey after a profound loss   

Unresolved Grief

The loss of a loved one seems so meaningless, and most days impossible to withstand. The love you shared with your loved ones did not die when they did and what is love but an energy you actively share with someone. We, at Cry For Me...No More, believe a part of the over powering hopelessness that comes along with this type of loss is having nowhere for that energy to go. We also believe your brain is trying to make sense out of something that seems so senseless.

Your loved one lived 365 days a year for how ever many years they were alive and they only died one day but we tend to relive that one day they died.

This type of loss can devastate lives. The symptoms of grief can cause many problems. To name just a few, loss of jobs due to the inability to concentrate and focus, devastation of relationships, stress related illnesses, financial ruin due to poor choices, etc.

 Loss changes your life! You will never again be who you were before your loss and you have a choice. The devastating loss can change you for better or worse. You can continue to let the grief define who you are and let it run your life, or you can take your life back. The choice is yours. 

We at Cry for me...No More, ask you, what do you believe your loved one(s) would choose for you?

 Let us help you discover the love, "the gift" your loved one left you that is still alive within you, waiting and ready to help you rebuild your life.