Grief healing workshops offered

 by Certified Grief & Loss Recovery

Specialists and trained staff

in a loving and safe environment

  Cry For Me,No More  

    Cry For Me, No More

offers an experiential program to

 honor and support bereaved families

 on their grief journey after a profound loss   

Participant Testimonials

" I didn't think coming here would benefit me much. Much to my surprise, I needed to share and have people that understood to help me grasp the reality of my experiences more than I thought. I want to take with me what I learned and keep working on it. Thank you."

                                                                    -Ginger Spencer - GA

" I learned many tools for mapping the rest of my life's journey with my loved one intact. To have the support of other bereaved parents lets me know- I am not in this alone."

                                                                   - Julie Spencer-GA

"Cry For Me...No More furthered the growth and peace with mourning my brother."         

                                                                    - Moriah Williamson- FL

"Through this program I was able to recognize & acknowledge feelings I have needed to deal with for a long time."

                                                                    - Anita Chastain - GA

"Very powerful way to move forward & heal. I had a chance to truly reconnect with Luke."

                                                                      - Erica Beltz- GA

" For the newly bereaved and for people down the road- this workshop helps all. Very powerful.

                                                                   - Lorna Kennedy - GA

"Moving & inspiring experience. A great release and cherished time to learn of others struggles, as well". 

                                                                    - Gretchen Miller - GA

"I was already on the path to healing, but this program will help with faster and surer steps to the future." 

                                                                     - Dana Miller - GA

" I came in very apprehensive. But I am leaving here with so much more peace and comfort."

                                                                    - Lisa Jones - IN

" I came in with a heavy heart and doubted this program would help me. I left with a peaceful heart and lighter shoulders." 

                                                                       - Debbie Martin - IN

"This weekend was amazing! To be able to share my son with everyone openly was so great. I can honestly say I am leaving with something I didn't have before-hope."

                                                            - Andy's Mom- Kim Mooi-Burns - IN

"Cry For Me No More is a program that every parent who has lost a child should participate in. The relief and hope instilled in such a short time is truly life changing,"

                                                                     -Marilyn Rollins - IN

" This is the most beneficial workshop I have ever attended to learn how to cope with my grief. Staff was excellent!"

                                                                    - Beth Kreke - IN

" This program restored some strength for me to live life! I felt loved, supported and safe!"

                                                                     - Kelli Simpson - GA

"I had no idea what this program was about, but my wife and I were desperate for help. We found it. Thank you all."

                                                                     - Ed Beasley - FL

"I came here as a last ditch effort to save my relationship with my Mom. I'm leaving with my best friend again, feeling refreshed and renewed. I've been handed the tools I so desperately needed to move forward. I will spend the rest of my life saying thank you."

                                             - Cody Cole, Brother of Cacy Simpson - GA

"I was scared to attend the workshop. I had very little hope. But almost immediately I felt an energy from the facilitators that took me by surprise. I felt safe and encouraged. Within just a few short hours my thoughts and attitudes towards my grief began to completely change. I felt a weight lifted off of me I havn't felt since my son died. The group facilitators are no less than amazing. The love, nurturing and compassion I felt from them is something I will never forget."

                                                                           -Michelle Beasley - FL

"I was apprehensive, especially traveling so far, but feeling hopeful that I can move forward and pay it forward especially to parents in my shoes - single parents, with no surviving children."

                                                                       - Joan Louise Morgan - FL

" After my son died my life spun out of this world. The world I went to was dark & I was so alone & so sad. Once I obtained the courage to attend this healing assembly of love, I felt the "spin" is over and healing has started.

                                                                              - Wanda Coughlin - GA

"It was a very wonderful workshop that greatly will greatly improve anyone's move  forward in their grieving process."

                                                                                 - Bill Yon - SC

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. My husband and I were able to work on issues we were not even aware of being a part of our lives. We were able to deal with these issues and leave with more strength"

                                                                                  - Jennie Yon - SC

"I learned how to not only survive, but also how to live life for myself"

                                                                         -Maria  Dumbraveanu - GA

"It was emotionally challenging work you will never regrety doing. We were all treated so kindly. They were all angels."

                                                                                    -Gail Beard - GA

"Honor your child by living"

                                                                                   -Joan Bancroft - GA

"The exercises done were tangible experiences to understand/get rid of pain. it was extraordinary"

                                                                                     -Suany Latty - GA

"I am 9 months out from my loss and this workshop came at the appropriate time with skills to use so i can move forward to honor Sam's LIfe"

                                                                                   -Tanya DeLong - GA

“As a stepparent I didn't feel I had much to work on surrounding the death of my step son Nick, but through this program I discovered I had suppressed a great deal and I was able to release my feelings and share in a safe and supportive environment. This program provided a release for emotions I was not even aware I was carrying that were effecting me.                                                                                                                                                - Alan Litman - WV

"We had no idea what to expect when we agreed to attend this workshop. Within the first 12 hours we were so grateful to be a part of this and learn how to move forward and learn to live again. Thank you for everything."                                                                                                                              - Ashley Sanders - WV