Grief healing workshops offered

 by Certified Grief & Loss Recovery

Specialists and trained staff

in a loving and safe environment

  Cry For Me,No More  

    Cry For Me, No More

offers an experiential program to

 honor and support bereaved families

 on their grief journey after a profound loss   

You are invited to join us on a 
Journey of Hope Healing & Health​

Bereavement Cruise Proactive Grieving®Seminars at Sea 

Hosted by

National Recognized

Authors & Grief Experts

Linda Findlay & Mitch Caromdy

Please tell them Deana from Cry For Me, No More Sent You!

JOIN US: The coalition is committed to fostering relationships among all organizations and individuals serving the bereaved, building community programs that facilitate response through tragic incidents, strengthen platforms that educate providers, and to develop a congress of members working together to develop national guidelines and build national certification programs.

National Grief & Hope Coalition @HelpHealHopeorg 
A 501(c)3 organization (pending) P.O. Box 2584, Ferndale, WA  98248

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