Grief healing workshops offered

 by Certified Grief & Loss Recovery

Specialists and trained staff

in a loving and safe environment

  Cry For Me,No More  

    Cry For Me, No More

offers an experiential program to

 honor and support bereaved families

 on their grief journey after a profound loss   

Help us help families
after the death of a loved one today.

Below you will find all of our ongoing opportunities
to honor your loved one gone to soon
through donation

Family Member, Family and Workshop Sponsorship Donation
Donate to help grieving families - give a family the gift of healing.
Sponsor a grieving family of your choice to attend our 2 1/2 Healing the Family Workshop or Sponsor a family anonymously.

Sponsor an entire workshop in honor of your loved one gone to soon.
Our 2 1/2 day workshops cost us approx $10,000 to hold, the cost per family member falls between $550-$700
100% of your donation goes toward our mission of helping grieving families
learn to live a fulfilling, joy filled life once more.
We Providing them the tool to move forward without leaving their loved one behind.

All your donations are fully tax deductible see more info below
EIN 47-1223224
Corporations Sponsorship
Loss of a loved on costs US industry 75 Billion annually (GRI 2003) in lost productivity
and an increase in errors,
drug and abuse and addiction, illness, days away from the office, accidents on the job etc.

become a  corporate or business sponsor and receive the benefits of
different packages and marketing incentives we offer depending on your need and size of company.
We will come on site and train your management on how to help employees after the death of a loves one
We are also available to
your individual employees who experience death of a loved one and your
staff/their co-workers who has been affected due to the death of a loved one.
We are your Grief Specialists
We also offer packages for sponsorship at a certain level and above offering everything mentioned above plus our transformational workshop which can be held for your bereaved employees

several times a year at intervals of your choice in various locations.
Contact us to find out more

Thank you from us all!!!!!

We could not help the endless numbers of families who have lost a child with out your generous donations and support. It is reported that over 5 Million children from the ages of birth to 19 die annually, this does not even take into consideration the great numbers of adult children over 19 who leave us too soon from military casualties, auto accidents, drug overdoes, suicides and endless numbers of illnesses,

 homicides and other accidents or incidents.

All of us at Cry For Me...No More Inc., 

thank each and every one of our donors, sponsors, partners and supporters.

All of you make what we do possible.

Sponsorship incentives are available. Please contact us for a sponsorship package if you are interested.

Cry For Me...No More Inc. is a registered public non profit 501(c)3
EIN 47-1223224


Reoccurring monthly, quarterly, annually deductions can be set up

*****when placing donating/sponsoring please indicate which opportunity your donation is for and
you may also send us an e mail at*****