Grief healing workshops offered

 by Certified Grief & Loss Recovery

Specialists and trained staff

in a loving and safe environment

  Cry For Me,No More  

    Cry For Me, No More

offers an experiential program to

 honor and support bereaved families

 on their grief journey after a profound loss   

About Cry For Me...No More

Cry For Me...No More (CFMNM) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to help families deal with loss after the death of a child. Our founders are certified grief recovery specialists who take a unique approach to healing, recognizing that men and women tend to grief differently and therefore need different approaches and tools to deal with loss. We believe that everyone deserves to opportunity to find happiness after loss.

CFMNM's flagship program is our powerful, transformational Healing the Family workshop series where we teach adult family members affected by the loss of a child ways to cope with their grief to be able to once again live their lives. These workshops are 2.5 days long and take place in safe, loving and non-judgmental environments where you can express your feelings and move forward along your grief journey. These workshops have proven success in helping attendees once again find joy and reach healthier physical and mental states of well-being.

In our work, CFMNM addresses the myths of grief, the stigmas surrounding loss and the outdated beliefs society has about dealing with loss and how loss affects your life. Unresolved grief can be incredibly detrimental to one's health and affect you in ways you don't even realize. Since death tends to be a taboo subject, it is hard for those who have experienced death to get the support and tools needed to successfully manage grief.

We offer a variety of incredible educational services that provide individualized, tailored support to ensure you are not alone in your journey and help you go on and once again live your life.

Cry For Me...No More Inc. has no religious affiliation and welcomes people from all walks of life, regardless of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, age (over 18), lifestyle, or socioeconomic status. 

We are a fully equal opportunity organization and a member of the Hall County Chamber of Commerce.